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Lockpicking Groups / Forums / Meetups

Canadian Lockpickers - 

Dark Arts Lock Picking - 

Fraternal Order Of Lock Sport (Fools) Bloomington (Indiana) -

Infosect Locksport Meetups - 


Keypicking - 

LockFale (North Carolina, USA) - Locksport International Local Chapters (California, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Texas)-

Longhorn Lockpicking Club (Austin, Texas, USA) - 

LockPicking 101 - 

Locksport NZ - 

Reddit /r/Lockpicking - 


Toool AU - 

Toool NL -

Toool SF - 

Toool US -

Toool UK - 

UK Locksport - 


Facebook groups

Australian Locksport Guild

Art of lock picking - 

Custom lock pick makers - 

The Locksport / Lock Picking Community - 

Locksport (lockpicking and smithing) -

Lock Picking - 

LockPicking 101 - 

Lock tube - 

Queensland Locksports Society - 

UK Colosseum Of Locksport - 


Discord Servers

Abstract Security - 

Challenge lock lair -

Extraordinary League of Pickers - 

ImpressiveMarkings - 

Keypicking - 

Locksport (OzSecCon Community) - 

Locksport Community - 

Lockpickers United - 

RFID Hacking By Iceman - - - Now defunct

The Lock sportscast -



We are aware that a number of other invite only discord channels exist, however these are for well vetted members of the community and as such they shall not be listed here

Australasian Pickers - Please contact a current member for invites


Slack Channels

Locksport - 

TOOOL US Slack - Members Only

TOOOL AU Slack - Members Only



OzSecCon (formerly OzLockCon) -

BriLockCon (UKLS) - 

LockCon Netherlands - 

LockFest USA - 

Lockfest Europe - 

ERSI - ELF - Italy - 

(Note, there are a number of 'industry' and professional conferences geared towards locksmithing and physical security professionals however many do not accept locksporters as attendees and as such, will not be listed. If there are any you are aware of, please feel free to get in touch. Additionally, many infosec conferences (BSides, DEF CON, etc) these days also have a lock picking village of some description, these will also not be listed as the focus is not on locksport or physical security)


Locksport Resources

BlackBag Blog -

Borkey Key Search Facility - 

Elvencraft Locksport References - 

Lock Analyst -

Lockpicking - By Deviant Ollam - 

Lockpicking Forensics -

Lock Patents - 

Lockwiki -

The amazing King's Lockpicking Pages - 

Unlocked by Decoder - 

How to crack any master combination lock - 

Ilco key Blank Search -

JMA E-Catalogue -



Challenge-lock - 

Locksport handbook to challenge locks - 

Speedlocks - - Now defunct


Locksport Podcasts / News

The Locksportcast -


Lock Collectors

American Lock Collectors Association - 

Antique Box Guide - 

Historical Locks - 

Historical Safe Locks and Keys - 

Lock Collector - 

Lock Collectors Review - 

Lock Museum of America -

The Lock Collectors Association -


Tool Suppliers / Locksport Friendly Stores

(Note, there are a lot of stores out there that sell hardware for lock picking and the like, but many of them require some kind of professional proof etc, these stores will not be listed)

If you would like to have your store listed, please email us on the above email.


Friends of OzSecCon

The following suppliers have supported locksport in Australia for several years now and have our sincerest thanks.

We encourage visitors here to shop with them first where possible.

PickPals -

Silver Bullet Lockpick -

Sparrows -

SouthOrd -


JimyLongs Locksport Tools -

Finnish Tiirikointpalvelu -

Security Snobs -

Elocksmith -


Other suppliers

Hooligan keys -

Peterson -

Zieh-Fix -

Multipick -

Southern Specialties -

Mad.Bob Lockpicks -

Spooxe -

SerePick -

Falle-Safe -

Art of lock picking - 

AliExpress -

Alwood Locksport -

BangGood -

Bare Bones Lockpicking 

CLK Supplies -

Covert Instruments -

DealExtreme -



HardCaseSurvival -



Law Lock Tools -

Lockpicks Australia -

Lock Pick Canada -

LockPickExtreme -

LockPickShop -

Locksmiths Toolbox - 

LockPick Webwinkle -

Lockpick World -

Oscar Delta - 

Ouverture Fine - -

PickMyLocks -


Red Team Tools -

Rytan -

UK Lock Pickers -


Custom Lockpick Makers / Handmade Lockpicks

Ratyoke -

Ratyoke IG -

XBMods -

XBMods IG -

Lambda2 -

LockpickingDev -

kixpickss -

Killermaru Industries store - 

Cerraelx -

PkrLabs - 


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